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Human Resources


Sections in this Chapter:

2.10 Duties and Responsibilities
2.20 Affirmative Action Plan Development and Review
2.40 State of Iowa EEO and AA Policy
2.50 Strategies for Addressing Factors Contributing to Underutilization
2.60 Low-cost Recruitment Strategies

Related Department Rules:

11-62 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action


Related Performance & Development Solutions Training Available:

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action: Making the Most of Your Workforce
Human Relations Skills
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors
Preventing Sexual Harassment for Employees
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
"Unleashing the Power of Diversity" - Diversity Training for Employees

Forms Referenced in This Chapter:

FY 2005-2006 Affirmative Action Report/Plan Completion Instructions
Cover Page
AA Form A - FY 2005 Qualitative Plan Results
AA Form B - Qualitative Utilization Analysis for 2005
AA Form C - Qualitative Utilization Analysis Plan for 2006
AA Form D - Hiring Goals and Timetable (Sample Page)
Affirmative Action Plan Review Criteria and Review Form
Job Class Underutilization List - How to Use
FY 2006 AA Plan Review
FY 2006 Affirmative Action Planning Process Timeline

These forms are available at the AA/EEO Home Page


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