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Human Resources

Human Resources Information for Managers and Supervisors

NOTE: The forms included in this section are intended for managers and supervisors. Although the completed form may originate with the first-line supervisor, unless otherwise permitted by the department, the request form must be submitted to the central office prior to submission to DAS-HRE.

This information is divided into the following sections for convenience:

Administrative Rules Personnel Mobility Assignments
Classification and Compensation Reasonable Accommodations
Contract Administration Separations
FMLA Severe Weather Information
Grievance and Discipline State Human Resource Policies
Internships Telework
Iowa Code Temporary Services
Layoff Training
Lists Violence in the Workplace
Manuals and Other Resources Workers' Compensation
Performance Evaluation  

Administrative Rules

The Department of Administrative Services' primary rule chapter is 11 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

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Classification and Compensation

Section 1 - Changes to the Classification Plan
Request for Classification, Compensation and Selection Changes 552-0709

Use this document to:

  • Add class/delete class
  • Change class title
  • Change codes (EEO, Occupational Category, Overtime, Bargaining Unit, Bargaining Pay Plan, Class code)
  • Change pay grade

Related documents:
Job Evaluation Questionnaire 552-0697
Pay Grade Study Questionnaire 552-0671

Section 2 - Add/Change Class Description
Request for Classification, Compensation and Selection Changes 552-0709
Use this form when changes need only be made to the class description (Definition, Work Examples, Competencies, Qualifications, Special Requirements, Selective Certification, Notes, Other)

Section 3 - Individual Classification Actions:
Position Description Questionnaire 552-0094
Supervisory Analysis Questionnaire 552-0193 (if positions supervises 2 or more employees)
Bargaining Exemption Questionnaire 552-0631
Use this form when an employee/agency requests an occupied or vacant position be reviewed for proper classification.

Chapter 3, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Contract Administration

Collective Bargaining website

Chapter 12, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Employee Rights and Responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Application & Intent to Return to Work
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave Retention
Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities
Designation Notice
Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition
Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition
Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Servicemember for Military Family Leave Return to Work Certification

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Grievance and Discipline

Chapter 11, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Application for State Employment 552-0072
Internship Completion Data 552-0342
Intern Hire Data 552-0343

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Iowa Code

From the Iowa General Assembly, Iowa Law site, you can view a codified version of the Constitution of the State of Iowa and various versions of the Code of Iowa. The Iowa Code chapters that govern the department include 8A, 19B, 20, 70A, 97B, and 509A. Select the Code year and then enter the desired chapter number (including the letter) into the chapter field.

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AFSCME 3rd Bumping Application 552-0737
AFSCME Request for Determination of Qualification 3rd Step Bumping Application 552-0699
Application for State Employment 552-0072
Calculating AFSCME Seniority 552-0735
Calculating UE/IUP Seniority - Social Services Unit 552-0736
Contract Layoff Plan 552-0753
Non-Contract Layoff Plan 552-0752
Recall and Outplacement Instructions for Non-Contract Employees 552-0231B
Recall Instructions for Contract Covered Employees 552-0231A
Recall/Outplacement Application 552-0231C
Retention Point Calculation Worksheet 552-0106
Sample Contract Class Layoff Plan Cover Letter
Sample Non-Contract Class Layoff Plan Cover Letter
Sample Notice of Layoff Letter to Employee
Sample Notice of Layoff with 3rd Bumping Option
Sample Recall Letter (contract class from which laid off)
Sample Recall Letter (pick 15)
Sample Return to Recall Letter
Sample Seniority List with Layoff Line

Chapter 16, Managers and Supervisors Manual
Classes Constituting a Series

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Trainee/Journey Class List (Managers & Supervisors Manual 3.60)
Competency Library
Selectives Master
Steps in the Hiring Process 552-0492

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Manuals and Other Resources

Managers and Supervisors Manual
Applicant Screening Manual
Job Competencies Library

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Performance Evaluation

State of Iowa Performance Evaluation website
State of Iowa Performance Plan and Evaluation 552-0674

Chapter 8, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Personnel Mobility Assignments

Personnel Mobility Assignments Agreement 552-0162

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Reasonable Accommodations

Request for Reasonable Accommodations 552-0574

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Employee Separation Checklist 552-0666 (PDF)
Sample Letter of Unauthorized Absence
Employee Exit Information Questionnaire Part 1- 552-0711
Employee Exit Information Questionnaire Part 2- 552-0712

Chapter 10, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Severe Weather Information

Severe Weather memo
Severe Weather FAQ
Severe Weather Request for Assistance form

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State Human Resource Policies

This section lists the more frequently accessed policies of DAS-HRE and Iowa state government.

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Anti-Discrimination Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 2.40)
State of Iowa Employee Handbook
Supervisory Referrals to EAP(Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.25)
Donated Leave for Employees (Managers & Supervisors Manual 6.85)
Donated Leave for Immediate Family Members (Managers & Supervisors Manual 6.87)
FMLA State of Iowa Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 6.90)
Substance Abuse (Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.50)
Substance Abuse Policy Guidelines for Supervisors (Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.55)
Relocation (Managers & Supervisors Manual 19.05) (See also CBA)
Hepatitis B Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.65)
Tuberculosis Exposure Control Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.75)
Standard Emergency Procedure Guideline(Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.20)
AIDS Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 15.70)
Violence Free Workplace Policy (Managers & Supervisors Manual 9.70)

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Telework Application 552-0748
Telework Agreement 552-0749

Chapter 18, Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Temporary Services

Professional/Administrative Support Temporary Services Request 552-0658
Professional Staff Leasing Request - Merit Resources 552-0647

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PDS website: Includes course catalog

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Violence in the Workplace

Workplace Violence Report 552-0669

Chapter 9, sections 9.70 and 9.75 in Managers and Supervisors Manual

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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation First Report of Injury or Illness
Workers’ Compensation Provider List

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Updated 2014-09-29