Last Update:  8/12

A. General Employment Application Process

Applications may be obtained from:

·         The Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Enterprise (DAS-HRE), Level A, Hoover Building, Des Moines.

·         The DAS-HRE web site, at  Click on State Jobs; then, click on Printable State Application.

·         On-line application may also be made on the DAS-HRE web site at

·         Iowa Workforce Development Offices located throughout the state.

·         State departments and institutions located throughout the state.


Applications may be made for:

·         Current vacancies in positions covered by the merit system.

·         Some merit exempt positions are posted by departments.  Those wishing to apply for positions exempt from merit system provisions must apply directly to the department filling a vacancy.

·         Some positions are limited to application from current permanent state employees.


Current Vacancies

·         Are posted for specified periods of time.

·         Applications must be received during the posting period.

·         Applications received after the posting period expires will not be considered.


Applications must meet the following criteria:

·         The application must be completed properly and signed.

·         The applicant must apply for a current posted vacancy.

·         The applicant must meet the minimum qualifications and any applicable special or selective requirements for the vacancy for which the applicant is applying.


Applicant testing is required for:

·         Positions that require typing.

·         Correctional Officer positions.


Correctional Officer Testing/Examination

·         Requires a series of examinations.

·         Notice will be sent to applicants with instructions for scheduling of tests.

·         Correctional Officer testing may be retaken every two years.

·         The most recent score is used regardless of whether it is higher or lower than a previous score.


Typing Tests

·         Typing tests may be required for some administrative support positions.

·         When a job is posted, BrassRing automatically enters a typing test notification in the minimum qualifications section of the job posting.  The notification includes a link to the actual typing requirements and instructions to take the test.

·         After a candidate’s application has been reviewed and approved by the employment specialist, a typing notice is sent to the candidate that includes the typing requirements and instructions to take the exam.

·         DAS-HRE must receive verification of a passing score before an applicant will be referred to a department for consideration.


Other Screening

·         Some positions may require a background check.

·         Some positions may require a medical evaluation or screening after a conditional offer of hire is made.


Reasonable Accommodations

·         May be available during the application process.

·         Contact the DAS-HRE Employment Bureau at (515) 281-5889.


Positions Requiring Licensure/Certification

·         Applicants for positions that require a license must provide proof of current licensure/certification.

·         Following appointment, employees must maintain licensure/certification and provide proof upon request or as required by the appointing authority.


Commercial Driver's License

·         All applicants for positions requiring a Commercial Driver's License must complete a supplemental application and provide it to the agency at the time of interview (CFN 552-0562).

·         Federal law requires that applicants provide the names and addresses of previous employers for whom the applicant was an operator of a commercial motor vehicle.  The application must provide dates of employment, reason for leaving and certification as to the truthfulness of the information for the 10 years preceding the date the application is submitted.

·         A "Notice of Conviction for a Violation of a Motor Vehicle Law" form (CFN 552-0563) must be completed by a person hired into a position that requires a driver's license and requires that holders of a Commercial Driver's License:

o    Report to their employer, within 30 calendar days of conviction, any violation of the motor vehicle laws (other than parking violations).

o    Report to their employer before the end of the business day following the date the employee received notice of suspension, revocation, cancellation, or any disqualification from operating a motor vehicle.

Driver's License

·         An "Acknowledgement of Driver's License Requirements” form (CFN 552-0564) must be completed by all current employees if a driver's license is a job requirement.

·         All employees who must possess any kind of driver's license  as a requirement of their job must report to their employer before the end of the business day following the date the employee received notice of suspension, revocation, cancellation, or any disqualification from operating a motor vehicle.


B. Promotional Hiring Process


Permanent state employees may apply for promotional opportunities.  Two types of promotional lists are maintained:  intra-agency (within the employing department) or inter-agency (between state departments).  All positions covered by collective bargaining agreements must be posted in accordance with the agreement covering the specific job class.


Intra-Agency Promotional Opportunities

·         An intra-agency promotional applicant list contains the names of:

o    All qualified employees within the employing agency who apply for the position.

o    Current interns within the agency who have completed 90 calendar days of employment with that agency.

o    An intra-agency list may screen for promotional opportunities from persons within an employing unit, or from persons within all employing units of the department.

Inter-Agency Promotional Opportunities

·         An inter-agency promotional applicant list contains the names of:

o    Any qualified permanent state employees including permanent employees of the Board of Regents and Community-Based Corrections.

o    Interns who have completed at least 90 calendar days of employment with the employing agency.


General Promotional Information

·         Names of promotional applicants meeting the minimum and selective qualifications are placed on promotional applicant lists in alphabetical order.

·         A typing test may be required for promotional applicants who apply for a job class that requires typing, if the promotional applicant has not previously taken the test.

·         Promotional applicants for the class of Correctional Officer must successfully complete the required exams for the class.

·         Background checks or other conditional screens required for specific classes or positions.

·         Proof of licensure/certification must be provided upon request if the job class requires licensure/certification.

·         The appointing authority must verify the applicant is a current state employee or a bone-fide intern. The contact name and phone number for the State of Iowa, board of Regents and Community Based Corrections are listed below:


o    State of Iowa: Velma Matchinsky 281-5239

o    Board of Regents: Ilene (Ruth) Tuttle 281-6425

o    Community Based Corrections: Kathy Wolk (DOC Central) 725-5739


Promotional Hiring Policy

·         Each department/agency must have a promotional policy.

·         Policy should describe general methods to be used to screen promotional applicants.

·         Policy should ensure that equal employment opportunity is present and affirmative action is applied appropriately.

·         Each supervisor must be made aware of the policy and be held accountable for compliance with its provisions.

·         The policy must include elements that address the following:

o    A general statement that promotions will be given to qualified individuals in accordance with equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies of the State of Iowa.

o    That screening of candidates to determine who will be interviewed will be conducted based on job related factors.

o    Race, sex, and disability are never to be the sole reason that an individual is selected to be interviewed and that other applicants are to be excluded.


C. Non-Promotional Hiring Process


A position may be filled using an all applicant eligible list.  All positions must be posted by DAS-HRE as open to application.

·         A non-promotional applicant is an applicant who is not currently a permanent state employee.

·         All applicant eligible lists contain the names of promotional applicants as well as non-promotional applicants.

·         Applicants on this list are in alphabetical order. Promotional applicants are identified by the agency in which they are currently employed.

·         Any applicant on the list is eligible to be hired.

·         A selection process should be used to narrow the list so that the most qualified applicants are interviewed (see the Applicant Screening Manual at:


D. Employment Practice Standards


The following basic standards apply to all processes used to screen applicants in order to ensure that applicants are fairly compared:

·         The employment system is a merit based system. The process must be fair, equitable, and based on hiring the most qualified applicants available. 

·         Job requirements based on the competencies required to perform the duties of the position being filled need to be the basis for the screening process used.

·         Screening methods that provide information about the applicant’s job related qualifications must be used to identify the best qualified applicants.

·         Screening methods must treat all candidates in a fair, equitable, and non-discriminatory manner.

·         Departments must apply the State of Iowa Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Policy and the State’s Discrimination Policy in all of their screening and hiring activities.

·         Use of reasonable accommodations in the screening process must be considered when requested and appropriate.

·         Departments must apply veteran’s preference points to their primary scoring system for applicants.

·         Screening methods must be job-related and justifiable on the basis of business necessity.

·         All persons involved in the screening and hiring process must be trained and familiar with screening process requirements as well as how to fairly, equitably, and accurately apply those processes.

·         Final applicants must be notified in writing of their selection/non-selection after final decisions are made.

·         Records pertaining to the screening process and how decisions were made regarding each applicant must be maintained for a minimum of three years.