Class Code:  00212








Conducts formal solicitation and bidding process for a variety of goods/services for multiple state agencies/institutions or the departments of Transportation, Lottery Authority, Blind Commission, Iowa Prison Industries (Corrections) and the Iowa Communications Network, construction procured by the Department of Natural Resources, and liquor procured by the Alcoholic Beverages Division (Commerce); makes final decisions on procurement methods, contract and purchase order terms/conditions; at this level, positions investigate new products, supply sources, procurement strategies and promote master contracts to political subdivisions and work with vendor community/targeted; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Formulates the purchasing policies and procedures for various state agencies to maintain an economically adequate inventory of equipment, supplies, and materials; ensures adherence to these policies.

Forecasts needs for supplies, equipment, and materials and establishes a schedule of delivery for the items and maintains relationships with agencies and vendors to assure purchase needs are met on a timely basis.

Develops and maintains vendors’ bid files; attends/conducts formal bid lettings, awards bids for equipment, materials, and supplies and secures items at reasonable prices.

Writes product specifications for technical/major purchases and verifies conformance of purchases to specifications.

Recommends items or services for purchasing on term contracts and distributes contract material to agencies; assures that agencies understand and can comply with the terms of the contracts.

Establishes standards for determining when equipment is obsolete, surplus, or can be disposed of and takes appropriate action.



Knowledge of purchasing methods and procedures including open-market purchasing methods, formal contracting techniques and competitive bidding.

Knowledge of terminology related to the procurement, shipment, and delivery of items.

Knowledge of the economic factors of supply and demand as they pertain to the availability and pricing of items.

Knowledge of product specifications pertaining to standardized, expendable items and non-expendable items.

Ability to conduct market analysis including market conditions and pricing benchmarks.

Ability to research the marketplace for new products, sources of supplies, materials, equipment and suppliers.

Ability to market master contracts to various state and local entities.


Ability to understand contracting laws and regulations that address contract needs and apply to contracting work.

Ability to interpret policies, procedures, and regulations; to evaluate fiscal data for reasonableness, necessity, and conformity with contract requirements; and to negotiate features of a contract. 

Ability to interpret policies, procedures, and regulations; to evaluate fiscal data for reasonableness, necessity, and conformity with contract requirements; and to negotiate features of a contract.

Ability to recognize, and suggest remedies to problems which may arise in purchasing policies and procedures.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing with suppliers and manufacturers’ representatives to write accurate product descriptions that reflect the equipment and supply needs of the agency.

Ability to evaluate sample items of supplies to determine conformance to product specifications to evaluate the capability of suppliers in meeting the product demands of the agencies.

Ability to deal skillfully and tactfully with suppliers to ensure adequate and timely response to agency purchasing needs.

Ability to implement and practice such procurement policies and procedures that will assure overall economic purchasing in the agency.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct.  Refrains from dishonest behavior.

Works and communicates with all clients and customers providing quality professional service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort, attention to detail and commitment by completing assignments efficiently with minimal supervision.

Responds appropriately to supervision.  Follows policy and cooperates with supervisors.

Fosters and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, group identity and team spirit throughout the organization. 

Exchanges information with individuals or groups effectively by listening and responding appropriately.



Graduation from high school, or G.E.D., and eight years of full-time work in the procurement of technical, standardized, expendable and non-expendable items;


graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, accounting or economics and four years of the required experience;


an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting one year of education (30 semester hours or one year) for each year of the required experience;


graduate course work from an accredited college or university in business or public administration, accounting or economics, may be substituted to a maximum substitution of one year (30 semester hours or one year) of the required experience;


employees with current continuous experience in the state executive branch that includes experience equal to eighteen months as a Purchasing Agent 2.



For designated positions, the appointing authority, with Iowa Department of Administrative Services – Human Resources Enterprise prior approval, may request those applicants possessing a minimum of twelve semester hours of education, six months of experience, or a combination of both, or a specific certificate, license, or endorsement in the following area:


140       data processing

       376       service contract management


Applicants wishing to be considered for such designated positions must list applicable coursework, experience, certificate, license or endorsement on the application.



Effective Date:    2/11 BR