Class Code: 08516








Performs photography work by using a variety of cameras, computer software and accessories to produce still, digital, and/or video images for documentation, informational, promotional, and educational purposes for a department; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Produces videos of agency activities, facilities, or equipment by planning and performing the filming, script writing, sound recording, and editing of footage to be used in television news clips and educational or information films; maintains film continuity by directing the use of cameras, lights, and dialogue.

Photographs agency events, activities, equipment, and personnel by using still cameras to produce black and white prints, color prints, or slides for publications and presentations.

Takes aerial photographs/videos of specified locations to obtain pictures of disasters or of proposed areas of construction or development to be used for planning, development; takes photos and/or videos of crime scenes and evidence using correct forensic photography techniques and procedures.

Determines techniques for accomplishing photographic assignments by using creativity with effective camera angles, lighting, and background composition to result in the desired photographic effects.

Acts as a consultant on photographic and audio-visual matters by recommending services or techniques to agency personnel to meet the needs of the agency; determines the suitability of new photographic or audio-visual equipment by test-trial and examination in order to recommend purchases.

Responds to requests from organizations considering producing motion pictures, commercials or photos in Iowa; finds and recommends desired locations, props, topography, architectural structures and answers any questions the production company may have.

Processes color and black and white film of different sizes by mixing chemical developer solutions and using developing tanks, reels, driers, and enlargers to obtain prints of different sizes; operates computers, scanners, automated equipment, printers and software programs to produce digital prints; operates technical and automated equipment for processing color and black films and prints.

Maintains records of photographic work by filing film negatives, transparencies, and video footage for future reference or use in presentations or publications; saves digital images to disk and zips to be stored or sent over the Internet.

Operates camera by setting the appropriate lens opening, shutter speed, and lens focus to be in accordance with the subject or object of photography; operates computers and software to produce digital images.

Makes public service announcements by writing and recording radio/video tape scripts to relay messages regarding agency activities to the public.



Knowledge of the function, characteristics, and capabilities of video, still cameras, camera accessories, and lighting and other photographic techniques and equipment.

Knowledge of the techniques, editing, and script writing involved in the production of videos.

Ability to relate the capabilities and limitations of video and still photographic equipment to the subject or object of the photograph or film.

Ability to plan the composition, lighting, and color values of the subject or object to produce a film or photograph that fulfills the identified objectives.

Ability to work independently in carrying out photographic assignments.

Ability to deal tactfully with agency personnel and the public when performing assigned work.

Ability to evaluate the capabilities and limitations of audio-visual equipment in order to select equipment that fulfills the needs of the agency.

Ability to operate, maintain, and make minor repairs to assigned audio-visual and lighting equipment.

Ability to use computers, printers and software programs to produce digital images.

Ability to develop film, and to enlarge and produce finished prints.

Ability to read and write the English language in order to read instructions and assignments and to write scripts.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Exhibits honesty and integrity. Refrains from theft-related, dishonest and unethical behavior.

Works and communicates with internal and external clients and customers to meet their needs in a polite, courteous, and cooperative manner. Committed to quality service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort and commitment towards completing assignments efficiently. Works with minimal supervision. Demonstrates responsible behavior and attention to detail.

Responds appropriately to supervision. Makes an effort to follow policy and cooperate with supervisors.

Aligns behavior with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization.

Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust and group identity. Fosters commitment and team spirit.

Expresses information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information. Listens to others and responds appropriately.



Experience equal to four years of any combination of accredited training in photography and work in professional photography which involved the use of a variety of still, digital and/or video/motion picture cameras and accessories, the production of films, and the development, printing, and enlargement of film and digital images.


Effective Date: 11/01 GR