Class Code:08375








Performs skilled mechanical work in the maintenance and repair of all motorized and non-motorized equipment such as diesel and gasoline powered automotive equipment; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Inspects, services, repairs and overhauls transmissions, engines, clutches, drivelines, differentials, front and rear axle assemblies, and ignition systems; repairs and installs hydraulic controls; tunes motors using standard testing equipment.Dismantles, repairs and reassembles air compressors, hydraulic jacks, pumps, cylinders and related equipment.

Inspects, repairs, overhauls, and assembles automotive electric components such as alternators, distributors and starters.

Welds and modifies equipment and fabricates parts; sandblasts and paints equipment; installs truck bodies, lights, light brackets, mirrors, decals and other accessories.

Coordinates work with district mechanics, maintenance manager, fleet manager and others regarding equipment maintenance support, modifications, vehicle accidents and pilot projects.

Completes mandated fleet inspections.Ensures equipment is safe and properly maintained for use on highways and other work areas.Complies with federal and state regulations governing the handling and disposal of refrigerants.

Reports out-of-service equipment and approximate time needed for service to supervisor in order to schedule future projects.

Maintains and repairs automobiles, trucks, tractors, loaders, motor graders, snow blowers, generators, air compressors, etc.Writes repair orders.

Reviews equipment maintenance records and observes employees in the operation of equipment to determine and correct deficiencies and ensure proper maintenance.

Requisitions and stores shop supplies.

Uses a computer to gather information for diagnostics, engine performance, brake and fuel system performance, equipment maintenance, and to request parts and supplies, receive new equipment, complete inventories and report maintenance/repair activities.

Responds to inquiries by district mechanics, maintenance managers and the fleet manager regarding the performance of equipment and/or changes needed to enhance their performance.Makes recommendations on new equipment.

Assures all equipment meets OSHA standards, and that all repairs and modifications are done in accordance with operational specifications and safety standards.

Recommends equipment turn-ins based on method of repairs, costs, historical data, proposed work, unit plans and anticipated maintenance programs.

Operates tractors, dozers, loaders, trucks, graders and snowplows as necessary to perform highway maintenance.



Knowledge of the standard methods, materials, tools and equipment used in state equipment maintenance.

Knowledge of specialized highway maintenance equipment and a variety of heavy-duty and/or public works equipment, including its operation and use.

Knowledge of the occupational hazards, safety precautions and proper use of heavy equipment operations and materials handling.

Knowledge of department policies, procedures and regulations pertaining to equipment maintenance, record keeping and reporting requirements.

Knowledge of welding and design principles and practices related to highway maintenance equipment.

Knowledge of the operating principles of gas and diesel engines, hydraulics, electrical and electronic systems.

Knowledge of special tools, precision instruments and equipment needed to maintain vehicle fleet.

Knowledge of snow and ice principles and of the effects of de-icing equipment on vehicles.

Ability to read and write English and to read, understand and apply information found in technical manuals, CDs, DVDs, internet sites, parts books and other resources, and to communicate with customers on the status of equipment.

Ability to train and direct equipment operators to properly service equipment assigned to them.

Ability to control the costs of parts and repairs in order to help maintain budget.

Ability to plan equipment maintenance activities to ensure repairs are timely, necessary and completed in accordance with states policies and safety requirements.

Ability to work out-of-doors in all types of weather conditions.

Ability to lift and load items weighing up to 95 pounds to the height of 55 inches above the ground.

Ability to read plans, blueprints, flowcharts, schematics and specifications.

Skill in the operation of hand tools, power tools and light or heavy maintenance equipment.

Skill in operating computers and related software applications to record and receive data.

Skill in calibrating and maintaining electronic and hydraulic controls to ensure proper amounts of materials are applied to the roadway.

Ability to meet customer needs in a consistently helpful and courteous manner.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others in order to ascertain information relative to equipment malfunctions or modification.

Ability to diagnose and repair most mechanical malfunctions in automotive equipment.

Ability to organize assigned work and develop effective work methods.

Ability to weld, fabricate and modify equipment.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Refrains from dishonest behavior.

Works and communicates with all clients and customers providing polite, quality professional service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort, attention to detail and commitment by completing assignments efficiently with minimal supervision.

Follows policy, cooperates with supervisors and aligns behavior with the goals of the organization.

Fosters and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, group identity and team spirit throughout the organization.

Exchanges information with individuals or groups effectively by listening and responding appropriately.



Experience equal to three years of full-time work in automotive or heavy equipment mechanic work;


a combination of education and experience substituting one month of approved post high school education in automotive or heavy equipment mechanics for two months of experience to a maximum substitution of three years;


employees with current continuous experience in the State Executive Branch that includes eighteen months of full-time work as a Mechanic Helper.



For designated positions, the appointing authority, may request those applicants possessing a minimum of twelve semester hours of education, six months of experience, or a combination of both, or a specific certificate, license, or endorsement in the following areas:


217†††††† automotive service excellence certification (ASEC)

253†††††† heavy diesel

988†††††† Automotive Technology AA degree


Applicants wishing to be considered for such designated positions must list applicable coursework, experience, certificate, license, or endorsement on the application.



Positions in this job class in the Department of Transportation must possess a valid Commercial Driverís License Instruction Permit upon hire.Within 14 calendar days following appointment, a valid Class A or B Commercial Driverís License must be obtained with air brake and other required endorsements in order to continue employment.


Positions in this job class in the Department of Corrections must possess a valid Commercial Driverís License Instruction Permit upon hire.Within 30 calendar days following appointment, a valid Class A or B Commercial Driverís License must be obtained with air brake and passenger endorsements.


Positions in this job class in the Department of Public Defense Ė Military Division must possess at the time of hire, or be able to obtain within six (6) months of hire, a valid Class A Commercial Driverís License with air brake endorsements.



The following applies to Department of Corrections and Department of Transportation positions only:


In conjunction with Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (parts 391 & 40), this job requires a pre-employment drug screen and will require ongoing participation in the employerís random drug and alcohol testing program.


All of the following apply to Department of Transportation positions only:

Prior to starting employment all persons are required to have a post offer, pre-employment physical verifying the physical ability to perform the duties described.


Employees must be available to travel and may be required to stay away from home overnight during assignments.


Employees must respond to emergency conditions requiring them to be able to report within a 30-minute time period under normal driving conditions to their assigned facility.



Effective Date:09/14 SA