Class Code:  08330








Plans/coordinates the maintenance, repair, installation, inspection, and operation of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration systems and leads two or more employees, volunteers, inmates, residents or soldiers in the installation, alteration, maintenance, and repair of plumbing and related systems; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Assists supervisor by performing such duties as instructing employees, answering questions, distributing and balancing the workload and checking work; may make suggestions on selection, promotions and reassignments.

Coordinates/schedules repairs to minimize downtime and user inconvenience users, or priority of building need; performs routine system/unit inspections and documents deficiencies for maintenance/repair requirements; prepares boilers/regulated water heaters for inspection by State Boiler Inspector and assists with inspections; submits purchase orders for repair parts, follows up on parts status, and receives parts for installation.

Monitors the performance of the BAS communication system and overrides operational values when necessary; performs these functions so as to maintain efficient systems operations; documents changes in BAS systems and electronic components and communicates with engineer, and recommends when an outside vendor must be called in for repairs or maintenance needs; acts as point of contact for vendor and remains on site while vendor is performing work; follows purchasing and authorization procedures when calling in outside repair services.

Assists engineer in the design/development of HVAC systems as part of building remodeling, new construction, or system upgrade projects; estimates/specifies material and equipment requirements for projects, prepare duct work design, determine installation plan, compiles and submits purchase requests; when assigned to reviews plans, blueprints, specifications, and conducts on-site visits.

Estimates and orders material for engineer projects; coordinates job site task assignment between soldiers and civilians trades employees, so work is performed in logical construction sequence and priority; works closely with engineers on special projects performing such tasks as: inspect/verify that projects are built to specifications, coordinate/provide support or input to contractors working on projects, and make recommendations to management on pending projects; ensures completed work is properly documented for historical purposes.

Responsible for Occupational Safety and Health rules/requirements, safety/compliance procedures common to the trade; insures maintenance/repair data or documentation reports are submitted to supervisor in a timely manner and maintained for historical purposes according to established preventative maintenance procedures.

Directs/performs highly skilled mechanical, electrical, plumbing, pneumatic, and electronic work that complies with manufacturer’s specifications, accepted trade standards and regulatory codes related to equipment/systems including (central gas forced air furnaces, packaged terminal units, heat pumps, radiant heat, hydronic heat, low pressure steam boiler systems, regulated inspectable water heaters, central air conditioning systems, packaged terminal units, chillers, window AC units, walk-in refrigeration units, walk-in freezers, appliance refrigeration units, commercial ice-makers and ducted distribution systems).

Oversees/performs diagnostic procedures and repair of electronic components, computers, and digital data controls related to the operation of HVAC systems to ensure proper operating parameters including Micronet, Powerlogic, Toshiba, Tosvert 130 and Altivar 56 and systems components (e.g., direct digital controls for variable air volume terminal boxes, pressure transducers, digital controllers, digital wall sensors, proportional integral controls, microprocessors, reversible and proportional electric actuators, variable speed drives, dampers, valves, and program switches).

Explains/operates systems software to control variable air volume, diagnostic reporting, flow sensor, verification, temperature sensor verification, negative air flow detection, proper communication in Building Automation System (BAS) and various operating values.



Skilled in maintenance, repair, installation, inspection, operation and diagnostic of air conditioning, ventilation, heating, boilers, refrigeration, and knowledge of the utilization of building automated systems as a diagnostic procedures on HVAC and related BAS systems.

Skill in the use of tools, equipment, and techniques normally associated with the HVAC trade.

Knowledge of HVAC mechanical, electrical, plumbing, pneumatic, and electronic trade practices and procedures.

Knowledge of confined space regulatory procedures and the practical knowledge of working in a confined space environment.

Knowledge of regulations, standards, codes, and safety requirements for the HVAC trade.

Knowledge of low pressure steam boiler operations.

Knowledge in the operation of building automated systems as it relates to HVAC systems.

Knowledge of controller programming including new and existing control programs to make appropriate communication connections.

Knowledge of the necessary application software residing on a laptop computer or similar programming tool to make appropriate communication connections.

Knowledge of the tools, materials, and practices of the electrical trade.

Ability to program BAS servers and/or controllers as part of an in-house digital data controller (DDC) installation/retrofit, or to make corrections to the functioning of existing HVAC systems.

Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems as they arise in HVAC systems to ensure timely and cost saving repairs; ability to bring systems and equipment back on line quickly and efficiently.

Ability to interpret blueprints and specifications.

Ability to visually and audibly inspect, install, and monitor the various components of HVAC systems by lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs and ladders, working in high places or in tight or awkward positions, while effectively using the personal protective equipment necessary for particular tasks.

Ability to learn how to use forklifts, and other material handling equipment, as the need arises.

Ability to perform basic arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios and fraction.

Ability to work in extreme weather conditions and capable of wearing personal protective equipment.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Refrains from dishonest behavior. 

Works and communicates with all clients and customers providing polite, quality professional service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort, attention to detail and commitment by completing assignments efficiently with minimal supervision. 

Follows policy, cooperates with supervisors and aligns behavior with the goals of the organization.

Fosters and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, group identity and team spirit throughout the organization. 

Exchanges information with individuals or groups effectively by listening and responding appropriately.



Experience equal to five years of full-time work in the installation, maintenance, repair and operation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, boilers, refrigeration, and ancillary equipment related to HVAC, with two years of full-time experience in programming building automated systems;


graduation from an accredited college, technical or recognized trade school with an Associate’s Degree in building automation systems or logic control programming related to HVAC systems and five years related experience;


an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of post high school education in HVAC for each year of the required experience to a maximum substitution of two years.




Within a period of time as determined by the appointing authority, persons in this class may be required to obtain a license to perform electrical work in accordance with Chapter 103, Iowa Code.

Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Must be able to obtain a class B commercial driver’s license as determined by the appointing authority.



For designated positions the appointing authority, with Iowa Department of Administrative Services-Human Resources Enterprise prior approval, may request those applicants possessing a minimum of twelve semester hours of education, six months of experience, or a combination of both, or a specific certificate, license, or endorsement in the following areas:


127       C, C++

196       Java

436       Java Script


Applicants wishing to be considered for such designated positions must list applicable course work, experience, certificate, license, or endorsement on the application.



Must be able to be on-call and respond to after-hour page out alarms or telephone requests.



Effective Date:  11/11 CH