Class Code: 07005









Performs manual labor tasks to clean and sanitize public buildings, offices and institutional residences; performs related work as required.


The Work Examples and Competencies listed are for illustrative purposes only and not intended to be the primary basis for position classification decisions.



Sweeps, dusts and wet mops floors or stairs; strips, waxes, buffs and reseals floors, using brooms, dust mops, vacuums, wet mops and floor machines.

Dusts, cleans and polishes furniture, counters, shelving, window/door ledges and casings, using cloths and cleaning/polishing solutions.

Dusts, wet mops and washes walls, ceilings and partitions, using wall brushes, wet mops, cloths and cleaning solutions.

Cleans lavatories, toilets and bath facilities, using cleansers and sanitizing solutions, brushes, cloths and squeegees.

Disposes of waste paper and other discards; collects and places trash in an incinerator or trash pick up area.

Makes minor repairs to secure table legs; replace handles, knobs, fuses, light bulbs and similar items; tightens screws, replaces nails and performs related tasks.

Makes safety checks by observing and checking locked doors, temperature readings for heating and air conditioning, and on/off switches for machines.

Sweeps and removes snow from steps and sidewalks immediately adjacent to assigned buildings, using brooms, snow shovels and powered snow removal equipment; occasionally rakes leaves.

Shampoos or spot cleans carpets and rugs, using a rug shampooing machine, brush, or cloth and cleaning solutions.

Transfers furniture, lamps, accessories and equipment to clear areas for cleaning and redecorating work by lifting and carrying light to heavy objects.



Ability to understand oral work instructions.

Ability to perform physical tasks involving bending, squatting, standing for extended periods of time, pushing, reaching and some lifting.

Ability to learn to operate a variety of hand tools and power equipment such as a putty knife, squeegee, floor machine and vacuum.

Ability to perform the work as demonstrated by successful performance through the probationary period.

Displays high standards of ethical conduct. Exhibits honesty and integrity. Refrains from theft-related, dishonest or unethical behavior.

Works and communicates with internal and external clients and customers to meet their needs in a polite, courteous, and cooperative manner. Committed to quality service.

Displays a high level of initiative, effort and commitment towards completing assignments efficiently. Works with minimal supervision. Demonstrates responsible behavior and attention to detail.

Responds appropriately to supervision. Makes an effort to follow policy and cooperate with supervisors.

Aligns behavior with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization.

Encourages and facilitates cooperation, pride, trust, and group identity. Fosters commitment and team spirit.

Expresses information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into account the audience and nature of the information. Listens to others and responds appropriately.



Graduation from high school or G.E.D.;


an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of full-time experience in commercial building maintenance or housekeeping for each year of the required education to a maximum of four years.


Effective Date: 12/2000 TA