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Human Resources

State of Iowa Classification and Pay System

The Human Resources Enterprise Classification and Compensation staff administer many programs related to employee pay and job classification. The Job Classification System is designed to provide an orderly and equitable process to group job duties and responsibilities. Job classes provide the basis upon which recruitment and screening, pay grades, and other human resource management decisions are made.

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Job Classification Descriptions Job classification descriptions provide more detailed information on the job classifications in state government. Information includes examples of duties, knowledge, abilities and skills required for successful performance, education and experience needed to qualify, and special qualifications needed.
Job Series Guidelines Job classification guidelines provide more detailed information on the different levels of job classifications within a series.
Pay Plans To see the pay for any job classification in state government, check out this link.
Interactive pay plan This interactive pay plan shows rates of pay and the job descriptions for any class. Locate classes by partial or total class title or by the class code.
Selective List This selective certification list is available in Excel format. By opening this document and following the instructions on the first page, you can find information on every selective. This list can be sorted by number or alphabetically, using the instructions provided on the first page.  Selective categories are on the tabs across the bottom of the spreadsheet.  In addition, the spreadsheet is generously hyperlinked to make it easy to navigate. 

Some of the other responsibilities of the Human Resources Enterprise Classification and Compensation staff include:

  • Overtime Policies
  • Salary and Benefit Surveys
  • Processing and Post-auditing Payroll Documents
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Job Evaluation
  • Rules

Last updated 06/13/2011